Friday, May 27, 2011

Tarrah's Scrap Room

Hi guys, Tarrah here!! I thought since Tracey, Bec and Kim have shared their scrap rooms with you that I would do the same. I didn't do any cleaning up though so you get to see what it looks like ALL the time....its sometimes A LOT worse LOL!!! So I have my room/space in a little corner of our sunroom. Now we have a TINY 2 bedroom house with a sunroom attached but I still manage to keep a space to scrap going. I don't have enough room for too much storage so a lot of things are on the floor etc. I share my room with the Wii, some lounges, a computer and desk, a change table for the bub and some teddy bears that keep me company too LOL!!! 
So this photo is looking straight into my space. The window to the right faces east so it gets the morning sun and the other faces north so it gets lots of natural light and I love it. Its beautiful to sit here in winter when the sun is shining and get some warmth. Very cosy.....
 Here is a close up of my desk where all the magic happens LOL!!!! As you can see there is just enough room for 1 layout to be be worked on here. Oh and can you see my clever little ribbon curtain in the background there? I have put a broom handle across from here over to the other cupboard and I bought a $2 plastic shower curtain and got the hooks out it. I have then put similarly coloured ribbons together by stapling them onto some cheap white cardstock/paper and then punching a hole into the top so they can all then be put onto the shower curtain hooks. They all now hang in a colour co-ordinated fashion and I love that they aren't just all shoved in a bag or drawer, this also helps them to get the kinks out of them too. 
Here is my favourite cupboard that my beautiful Mum gave me. She is a folk artist and does the most AMAZING painting. She has been painting for like 15 years now and loves it just as much as I love scrapbooking. 
Its perfect for a bit of storage. There are 12 little drawers to put bits and pieces in plus 3 drawers you can't see underneath these as well. It has one big drawer in the middle, this is where I keep all my stamps and its perfect for them. Below the big drawer is a cupboard that keeps things like laces, dress making patterns, fabrics etc, things I don't use so often as most of the time I can never get the door open as there is always something in front of it stopping it LOL!!!

 Thanks for taking a peek into where I do all my creating, even though I don't have a perfect room or much space it suits me and maybe one day I can have a little more room to spread out...I will just keep dreaming and creating!!!!

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  1. Tarrah this is a great workable space - everything is within arms reach! And it doesn't matter how big a desk is, I always find myself working within a 12"x12" space too since I seem to brick myself into a fortress with all my supplies. Love all the natural light you have - so envious of this.