Monday, May 16, 2011

Bec's Creative Space...

I would like to give you a little tour of my scrap room! Please note that it rarely looks like this!

It usually looks like this! (when it gets this bad! I move to the dining table and then I am forced to clean it!)

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated room, it's not my dream space but it is great for now!

The desk I salvaged from my old job when they demolished an office about 2 years ago and had excess furniture, it was a really good find.

We live in an old farmhouse in Jilliby and my scrap room would have originally been a veranda and the whole room is on a bit of lean - a bit like me! :) with big windows along one wall allowing lots of natural light!

I fill every bit of the shelves with bits and pieces and it is constantly getting moved around!

I love my Copics and my spinner that keeps my inking tools handy.
  I have a tub of my favourite non mounted stamps partly because I use them alot and I like to have them within easy reach and partly because I'm too lazy to put the away! :)

 I love this idea for your fiddly products like glitter, embossing powder, distress embossing powder, flock, sparkly fluff and hot set powder! I have decanted them all into separate containers and added a spoon. It eliminated the need for a powder tray and it saves soooo much mess! Try it - You will be more inclined to use your powders for smaller projects too!

I like everything to have it's place but unfortunately it is often not in it's place when I need it!

 I love my Ink Pads especially my Distress Inks! Which I have labelled
This is probably the only thing I don't enjoy rummaging around in!
I like them organised and easy to get at.

One of my favorite storage ideas is buckets! I love to fossick through them to find just the right thing that I need, whether it's paint, alphas, stamps, ephemera or ribbon I love to dig around in it!



Ephemera, brads, paints, wood mounted stamps, Glimmer Glam and Glaze

I love old tins and jugs, I keep all sorts of bits and bobs in them. Some times it's organised and sometimes it isn't!

The view from my window! A bit special! I love the Country! Although I wish someone would come and clean the windows for me!!!

I hope you enjoyed having a sticky beak at my creative space and remember that whether it is a whole room, a desk in a corner or the kitchen table while it's not being eaten off of! It is your space create so make sure you have what you need where you will use it!

Happy Scrapping



  1. fabulous Bec! you have given me some great ideas for when i eventually set up my own space. xox

  2. Awesome Bec!!! Love your storage ideas....and how beautiful is your view? Gorgeous!! :)

  3. Great room, love seeing where my friends create!!