Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Scrap Space...

I just love looking at other people's scrap spaces.  I find it very interesting to see what cool ideas people have for the area they scrap in.  This is my scrap space.  YES I have taken over the dining room!!

We had this great cabinet made for our dining room.  It is a fantastic storage unit for my scrap supplies now.  One of my favourite storage ideas is the black and white fabric storage boxes from Ikea.  They are perfect for storing embossing folders, stamps and dies.

This is one of the units that we sell in the shop.  They are a great way to store my paper storage boxes (also sold in the shop).  It is amazing just how much you can fit on top of it!!

What is your scrap space like?



  1. Looks tops Tracey, wish I had as much space as you!!!!
    What is your scrap space like you ask?
    One word....MAYHEM!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  2. I think mayhem suggests a busy and productive scrapper. When I see perfectly furnished and squeaky clean rooms I wonder how much creating goes on. Tracey, your space looks fabulous. Lots of natural light and lots of work bench. A must for anyone creative.