Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving things around...

Well the time has finally come to make more room for stock!!  We have been growing in leaps and bounds and just cannot fit anymore stock in without making some changes.

So Sunday was the day to move the counters around. We had to unpack everying from under the counters and pull them apart to move them.

In this photo you can see just how far we have moved the counter.  I have to say that it will make a huge change to not have the lovely blue pole on our side of the counter.

We then had to put it all back together and put everything back where it was supposed to go.    Now it is all back together and very very clean and tidy.

I was even lucky enough to spot the cleaning pixis. 

We have a couple of new paper shelves coming in later this week.  This should help to fill the new space we have made.  They will be ready and waiting for all the new ranges of paper I purchased at CHA. 

Tracey & the Team at Pages 2 Scrap.


  1. Wow looks great, can't wait to see it on Friday, see you then!!

  2. how exciting! cant wait to come in and check it all out :) xo