Monday, March 26, 2012

Page 2 Girls - DT Project - March - Libby

Hello again! Here are my March DT work. Firstly the layouts. For this first one I used the Crafters Workshop template and cut sections from the background kraft paper. The frame is surprise, surprise a Slice frame from the Grandma's Attic card. The banner is from the Bellissimo card. The heart... ah the heart is made from my new favourite product... Inky Antics honeycomb paper. So easy to use and fills the kitschy hole inside me lol

this 'BUN' page uses a lot of the DT paper pack from the We R Memory Keepers Cotton Tails range. I embossed some tags to go with the range and cut out some of the easter themed sentiments to go with these photos of Charlotte and her 'Bun' Some days I get the camera out and snap away even when the lawn is long and the kids are wearing holey trackies and no shoes.

Wouldn't you like to fly in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon?

ok I'll stop now.... the buppa balloon! 

By now, you will be used to me being quite unoriginal and stealing sourcing ideas from all sorts of places. Do you like PINTEREST? Oh my goodness PINTEREST is a place to save pictures of stuff you are inspired by or want to make, ideas for the home, clothes, crafts. You name it PINTEREST has it! It can make you late for work, just warning ya!

Anyway back to the balloon. I might have taken the inspiration from Martha Stewart! Click on the link to go directly to the how to page for paper mache balloons.

Frustrating little sucker this was! Only because the first one I made with a much smaller balloon. I hung it in a tree at the front of my house to dry (my neighbours are used to my lawn being used as a spray booth - covered in paint... strange things hanging in trees etc) I went back inside the house and began the ironing with a smug, self satisfied look on my face to be brought straight off my self imposed high horse with a very loud bang! The paper mache bit does take quite a long time to make and so imagine my disappointment when I opened the front door to find a wet soggy mess of mache on my lawn in a nondescript scrumpled mess. Boo hoo my balloon had burst, fallen off it's peg and out of the tree, simultaneously blowing an unrecoverable hole in the side of my beautiful, my beautiful balloon! (I dare you to get that song out of your head now lol)

So balloon Version II was much better. A bigger base balloon and more glue and more paper! 

So once made and dry I divided the balloon into sections with kraft strips. I found my local newsagent sells cheap packets of A4 paper in all sorts of colours and even kraft. I love using this paper for my Slice too. It's a bit easier to cut because of the much lower GSM (weight) and just one of those things I've worked out along the way. I've used Kaiser pearls and pearls from the 'by the metre' section at the shop. I used paper from the Dt pack range on the rosettes around the balloon and the Pink Paislee tissue paper in the basket. Speaking of the basket I think I got it as packaging a while ago. When I picked up my DT pack I did what I usually do and added Kaiser paint in the same colours to my shopping basket. Can never have enough paint! I used that to paint the balloon sections and basket and added ruffle puffly trim and tissue paper to the bottom of the balloon (to hide the dodgy hole I made at the bottom of the balloon) Little chicks (with bizarre straw hats mind you) popped in the basket as test pilots make up the passengers in my whimsical creation.

Nutty hey?

Tim Holz rosettes! I can't get enough just in case you hadn't noticed.

Thank you so much for the kind feedback on my DT work. Sometimes you step back from something you have spent hours on and realise you LOVE IT! It's so nice when even just one other person says they like it too.

I have to say wondering around the shop I do get all tingly and inspired by the fabulous new stuff, the DT work on display and the gorgeous classes. I hope to see you at one of the creative girls classes soon! I don't know about you but I can't wait for Donna Downey's classes. She is a true life artist and I have loved her work for so long. Tracey bringing her to Pages 2 Scrap is so exciting and I for one an truly greatful. See you there!

OK that's quite enough from me, thanks for looking, Lib x.