Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Page 2 Girls DT Project - January - Jennifer.

Hi everybody!

For my first DT project I decided to make a boys mini album. I thought that the t-shirt papers and the cool retro gamer images would be perfect for a mini for a young boy or teen.

I decided to make my mini look like an old Game Boy unit. I wanted to make it fun and interactive.

The cover is made as you would a shaker card. I have included instructions below:

1. Cut two plain blue Bazzil cardstock pieces to the dimensions of your mini cover. In my case it was 15 cms x 15 cms.

2. Distress the edges of both pieces with vintage photo ink, then glue one of the pieces onto your mini cover.

3. Decide what size you want your “window” to be and Measure in from the edges an equal amount all around and mark with a pencil dot. Mine was 3 cms in from each edge. Make sure all your dots are even before you mark a perfect square (or you could do a rectangle) by joining up the four dots at either corner. Like this:

4. Use a sharp craft knife and a ruler to cut the square out, reserve this piece for use in another project or to make photo mats for this one. Your piece should now look like this:

5. Distress the inside edges where you cut away the square.

6. Cut a piece of see through plastic slightly larger than the window. You could use recycled plastic from some packaging or like I did, some acetate or transparencies.

Use a good glue to glue all around the inner edge (on the wrong side of the piece) and glue the plastic in place. When you turn it over to the right side it should look like a “window” with no rough edges or glue showing.

7. On the wrong side of the window you will need to build a small “dam” to keep the little silver balls (or whatever else you wish to use) in. You will need to use 3D padded tape and cut it into strips to match up all around the edge of the window (where the glue is). Make sure there are no small gaps in there for the little balls to slip through. I have shown the strips in red for illustration purposes.

Wrong side of window piece.

8. It is OK for the strips to overlap slightly as I have shown so long as the inside of the “dam” you are creating is smooth, even and free of gaps. You will need to cut some strips of the blue Bazzil cardstock the same depth as your “dam” and glue them to the inside edges. This is important for two reasons. 1) It will allow the silver balls to move freely inside the “window” without sticking to the 3D stripping. And 2) It will hide the stripping from view and make the project look more finished.

9. Now take your cover and glue whatever image you wish to appear in your “window” to the right side of the cover. Make sure you line it up dead centre with where the window will be when it is glued on top of the cover. I used a foil edge strip cut in four to make my image. I also added 3D tape to the outside edges to “support” the piece that will be going on top.

10. Now you can place the silver balls inside the “dam” and run good quality glue all around the top edge of your “dam” so you can glue the cover onto it. Make sure the edges match up and that you are gluing the cover right side down onto the dam edge. Allow glue to dry.

Once dry you can turn over your project and watch the silver balls slide all around!

Here are a couple of pictures of the inside of the album.

ENJOY! = )



  1. This is really cool Jennifer I loved your step by step :)

  2. Great work Jennifer :) love the tape jigsaw puzzle piece - clever embellishment!

  3. Gorgeous! Amazing... In real life this is such fun. I love the shaker front! x