Saturday, July 31, 2010

CHA Day 3

Well, the show has come to an end and we are so happy that we came over and liaised with all the companies we stock in the store. It was fantastic to see new product, touch new product and play with new product and there is a whole bunch of goodies that we can't wait to get in store.

We made sure that we ordered some of these today:

And we also were able to order some fantastic travel destination papers and cruise stickers for those of you that have been asking for them. We have some samples we can show you when we return, but they should ship out in a few weeks anyway. So we will have them soon.

We watched Tim Holtz a bit more today.

And then had our photo with him..............AGAIN.

Then spent the rest of today saying goodbye to people we had met in Brisbane and Sydney earlier in the year. Including the lovely Wendy Senger from Tattered Angels.

Then we headed into the city for some sightseeing and shopping.

We shopped The Magnificent Mile.
Walked under rail lines.

Paused for photos.
And had a fantastic day. Late to bed for us yet again.


  1. *sigh* 3 days is just not long enough by the looks of it!! :) cant wait to see what you get in store!! xo

  2. how lucky are you 3 ladies a hug and a photo with the king of scrapping the wonderful Mr Holtz. wish I had been there