Friday, May 28, 2010

Product Review by Alex

One of the perks of working in a scrapbooking store is the ability to take home great products to try out. And today I was lucky enough to take home the We Are Memory Keeps - Magnetic Cutting Mat, Circle Cutter and Twist Trimmer Combo Pack.

The magnetic mat is approx 18" x 14" and comes with a magnetized metal ruler.
The Circle Cutter is magnetic and works with the above mat perfectly.
The Magnetic Twist Trimmer Combo Pack gives you a magnetic ruler to work with the mat and 8 different blades to work with.

These are the blades that you get:


And it is so easy to work with. I was really surprised at how easy it was to cut circles and the blades are safe and easy to use. When I got home I couldn't get them out of the packets fast enough (but I did pause to get my camera ready so that I could share my experience with you :)
So the blades are inter-changeable on the magnetic ruler, you just take the little clip off the end and slide one off and the new one on.

Then to use it you position your paper on the grid mat (which is perfect for getting your lines straight), hold your paper down with the magnetic ruler, take hold of the blade and twist (which brings the blade down) and drag. Easy!

And for the decorative blades it is just as easy!
Then the circle cutter. This is fabulous, it can cut circles from 4" to 12". Yes, 12 inches!! So how to use it. You start by securing your paper to the mat, you can use repositionable tape like I did or WRMK do have little magnetic posts (we have these on order at the moment).
Then you adjust the arm by loosening the blue bit at the top of the large orange knob and pulling the arm out to the size you would like.
The arm is marked with inches and centimetres. Tighten the blue bit to secure, remove the blade cap, place the magnetized circle cutter to the centre of your paper and you are ready to cut.
Holding the two orange knobs and applying light pressure to the blade end, allow the knob to spin as you rotate the cutter around.

Perfect circles have never been so easy!
I do think that I need a whole set of these all to myself. How will I survive when I take it back to work?? Anyway, enough of my dilemmas. If you like the look of these products and would like me to demonstrate them for you, call into the store and I would be happy to. Thanks for lasting through my looooong product review. Hope to see you in the store soon,

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